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Massage Therapy

What to expect during your first massage appointment.

On your very first appointment,  you will be asked to fill out a client intake form regarding your basic health information, medications, etc. After paperwork and initial assessment has been completed, you will be taken back to the private massage room. You will be asked to undress to your comfort level while the therapist steps out of the room. ALL CLIENTS WILL HAVE PRIVATE AREAS COVERED BY SHEET or TOWEL (DRAPING) DURING ENTIRE SESSION. NO EXCEPTIONS!! You are welcome to wear shorts, bathing suit, undergarments, etc if you are not comfortable being nude. We have a professional environment, with licensed massage therapists and absolutely NO sexual comments or behavior will not be tolerated and the session will be ended immediately with payment in full for the entire scheduled session. There will be dim lighting and relaxing music playing. You are welcome to bring headphones if you prefer your own music. There are extra pillows and blankets for maximum comfort. The massage will be performed using a light oil or cream. Please let the LMT know if you have allergies to certain ingredients. You are also welcomed to bring your own appropriate oil/lotion if you so desire to do so. Massage techniques will include, but not limited too, effleurage, pettrisage, cross fiber friction,compressions,  tapotement etc. The full body massage normally includes lower back, upper back, shoulders, arms, hands,neck, chest, head, abs, buttocks, legs and feet. You can state if their are any areas you want avoided for any reason. Pressure used varies on massage technique and clients needs. All massage techniques and areas are changed per client needs.